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It’s about healing…not ‘Self-Help’…

Grounded in a traditional support group structure, our ongoing GROUPS facilitate deep transformational work that goes beyond self-help into the realm of healing- guided by traditional therapeutic and indigenous modalities. See More on our ongoing Groups.


When Culture & Communities Fail…

Our WORKSHOPS focus on specific demographics (Teen girls, and those in recovery for example) who are navigating transitions in a culture that does not support healthy, mentored, guided initiation. See More on our Third Step™ Workshops.


BEING in a DOING world…

They say when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work. The same goes for BEING, when you are in alignment with self and Source, BEING takes less effort, work and DOING. Our one-on-one coaching is guided by intuitive activation. See More on our Intuitive Life Coaching.

Rituals & Readings

Co-create your life with Spirit

Ritual honors and is a way to practice gratitude and our connection with Spirit.  It centers and grounds us amidst the unpredictability of life. Ritual allows us to connect with others and commune with ourselves at the level of healing and transformation. See More on our Rituals & Readings link


Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is the foundation of the indigenous Dagara Cosmology.

Like the signs of the Zodiac, the elements of the Dagara Medicine Wheel – Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral, and Nature- align you with unique characteristics. Understanding your element enhances self-awareness, bringing you those aha! Moments of self-discovery. We use the Wheel as the basis for our Programs, Rituals and Coaching, combined with training in traditional therapeutic modalities. See More…

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